Wedding Flowers-Wedding Bouquets For All Wedding Seasons

With so many shades, textures and styles available today, wedding flowers intend to bring natural beauty to a bride's appeal. Long are those times gone, when the bouquet of a bride had to have a strict structure. Today, in the era of freedom and originality, any idea can be fabulous if implemented correctly! Let us review some of the most striking ideas of wedding bouquets from Floralverde.

Wedding Bouquet

Peonies for Spring Brides 

What can a spring woman-to-marry choose for her flower bunch if not peonies?! These romantic blooms beginning in early spring and expanding up to early July, leave no place for consideration! They form strikingly different arrangements from classic all-white to modern bright mixes. These fluffy blooms can be picked in different color shades including white, yellow, cream and, definitely all hues of red and pink. They are perfect for any woman regardless her wedding budget and theme. Arranging light pink peonies, garden roses, ranunculus, Dahlia's and air plants, you will complete your romantic image! A more elegant appearance, meanwhile, may be achieved pairing white peonies or large blooms of white roses with eucalyptus, as well as some greenery to your preference. This won't be difficult to arrange on your own and save on the cost.
Amazing peonies grown in a greenhouse might also be ordered for winter weddings. Here you will be offered an arrangement of dark red peonies, blueberries and sword ferns or ivy - simply a fantastic contrast with the white snowy weather around!

Bohemian Brides Prefer Wildflowers

Among those unique ways of having creative wedding bouquets on a budget, fresh wildflowers, and even berries could make wonders! Bohemian inspired bouquets work grandiose during as summer so autumn weddings. Pair white or cream roses with such purple colored wildflowers as spring starflowers, myrtles, ground ivy, showy orchids, birdsfoot violets or Ohio spiderwort for boho inspired images. You may as well opt for awesome morning glory flowers that look modern, fresh and original especially when paired with Aralia leaves or penny gum greenery. And don't forget to include wonderfully smelling lilacs if it is spring outdoors and you need some purple touch to your bridal appearance.

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