Wedding Accessories - main parts

The bridal gown is just the beginning! When putting together a gorgeous wedding appearance, it's all about the details. Only the correctly picked up wedding jewelry can make your appearance final. A studded clutch or a vintage handbag meanwhile will help carry all the little things with you throughout the entire celebration! Let's explore the most fabulous wedding accessories you will need for the special day of you life.

The Jewelry Choice

wedding jewelry set
Pearl jewelry set from SenceOfBeauty

Wedding jewelry is the spice of the entire bridal look. With the striking diversity available today, it won't be difficult to find a perfect match with your image. A pearled necklace is a timeless amazing choice - significant and beautiful. Pearls signify innocence and purity, hence are wonderful for brides. Some famous brands such as Tiffany & Co., Mikura, etc. love combining pearls with Swarovski and other crystals. Together they form amazing ensembles as for women with classic or elegant outfits, so for those looking modern or extravagant. 

Hand chains decorated with gleaming crystals are also of great popularity nowadays. Such wedding jewelry brings a character and unique attractiveness to a bride, think about it. Anyway, if you would like to stand out with your chic and tempting look, shop outside the box! Green, blue, red and black jewelry is sure to result in awe-inspired gasps!
When choosing jewelry, make sure it looks well with the dress neckline. If its is a V-neck, choose a pendant necklace or small drop; statement necklaces are to worn with scoop necks; shorter statement and collar necklaces look great on strapless dresses.

What concerns the earring choice, here you need to consider your bridal hairstyle. Opt for either nothing or a very delicate drop earring if you are wearing a chignon; a diamond-encrusted hoop will be great with a side braid; long strand earrings go well with high updos; elegant drop earrings are amazing with side-sweeps.

Bridal Handbags

Luxury clutch from Yellowbirdnestweddin

Whether you choose a richly decorated tiny wedding handbag or an airy, delicately embroidered one, it should suit your entire outfit including the gown, shoes, and other accessories. If you are wearing wedding accessories adorned with crystals, make sure the accent of the clutch is on its gleaming, too. Another point to consider is the color. Make it a contrasting accent. Surely gold bridal clutches or ivory little handbags look pretty, yet choosing something bright (yellow, green or purple), you will have an original tandem!

Bridal Sashes

Rhinestone sash from TopGracia

Belts and sashes have become highly demanded recently. These accessories add a unique touch whether appearing via a satin ribbon of a contrasting color, or a delicately beaded gorgeous sash. You may find fantastic bridal gowns by Maggie Sottero adorned with grosgrain ribbons. Just work your imagination, consult with a designer and browse through these wonderful photos to get inspired.
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