Here you will find tips and interesting ideas how to create the image of the bride, unique accessories, decoration elements of different weddings styles. Explore the world of the wedding with us!
We are designers of wedding accessories. The main direction of our activity is wedding and evening adornments.

We create our decorations for nearly 10 years. Our favorite materials are: crystal elements, jewelry wire, metal accessories. Ornamentations looking like jewelry are in fashion now. Our accessories are used for wedding, evening images by beautiful ladies all over the world, both adults and young :)

We develop and manufacture jewelry with our own hands, that’s why there is a part of our heart and positive energy in each of them.

It begins with the procurement of materials and accessories. It is difficult to stop yourself :) because when I see all of these beads, crystals, leaves or flowers, there is already a bunch of options in my head what I can do with them. Then all the elements are laid out on a work surface, arranged in elegant elements of the future decoration, sketches made, several layouts and voila – ornamentation is ready for presentation! We have our own photographer Tatiana, so the vision how the decoration should be used is exclusively own :)

We decided to create this blog in order to acquaint the audience with our works, as well as with all the interesting ideas on a wedding theme, as it is the favorite topic! Since the wedding is the event dedicated to love, happiness and unity of hearts. It’s so nice to be a part of the bright day of loving people. We wish the infinite happiness and growing love to all our customers!

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