6 Disney Wedding Theme Ideas: Embellishments for Princess Hairstyles by TopGracia

Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful lady who met the love of her whole life and they decided to make their love eternal by exchanging vows! If this fairy tale reflects your current emotional and physical state, why not make it come true?! With some ultra-romantic decorations, as well as skillfully picked up bridal outfits, six grandiose Disney wedding theme ideas and breathtaking princess bridal hairstyles are guaranteed. 

Disney wedding theme bridal hair accessories

Wedding Hairstyles - Results of the Successful Cooperation between ESTEL and Top Gracia at Your Full Disposal

Would you want your daughter (we sincerely hope you will have one after marriage) to look at your wedding photos and say "what a god-awful hairstyle you had, mom"! Or would prefer her to admire your bridal look? Be certain, by selecting a timeless elegant wedding apparel and hairstyle, you will not only look gorgeous but also make your future generations feel proud of your beauty! TopGracia is glad to make a few grandiose bridal hairstyle suggestions that can change your viewpoint concerning bridal hairstyles and hair accessories.
Flower pearl headpiece
Flower Pearl Headpiece

Picking Your Bridal Lingerie For The Ceremony And Wedding Night

Getting prepared for your wedding day is really exciting, yet it incorporates a series of important and responsible actions including the bridal lingerie choice. Here specialists advice to get two totally different pairs of undergarments - one to put on under the dress, and the other to seduce your new husband at night. 

bridal lingerie
Bridal lingerie from 3wishes

The Art Of Choosing Fabulous Wedding Hair Accessories For Your Adorable Wedding Hairstyle

 Brides are always on the look out for jaw-dropping hairdos to complete their stunning images. With the great diversity of styles and appropriate wedding hair accessories offered today, it shouldn't be a problem to find a perfect variant for you! Whether you prefer perfectly coiffed, long and messy, or a bit of both, there is a little of something you'll find in this article with TopGracia.

bridal tiara
Wedding tiara

Spectacular Wedding Guest Book and Wedding Invitation ideas for any wedding theme

The wedding invitation choice says much about you as a marrying couple and what celebration your guests should expect. If your day is going to be held in a formal style with classic color formalization (black and white, for instance), the wedding invites should, by all means, indicate about it. On the other hand, in case you're going to have a beach theme celebration, make sure there is a certain hinting thematic decoration on the templates. Only this way your guests will have an idea what to wear to become a part of the event! So, let's us reveal the magic world of invites and guest books. 

Most Awesome Invite Types

Wedding invitation from 4 Love Polka Dots

Most enchanting Wedding Dress types and Wedding Gown choice to your figure

The wedding gown is the core of a bridal appearance. Only after it is chosen, the stylist passes on selecting the hairstyle and makeup, as well as the shoes and accessories. This year was majorly prosperous for most renown bridal designers, as they gave a new breath to already classic and romantic models making them look modern yet as sophisticated as before. Surely there are totally new ideas expressed with multiple layers and extraordinary overskirts that together add dimensions to dresses and play with silhouettes, yet the majority of fascinating wedding dresses are still embellished with lace appliques. Let's review the most awesome models to suit an elegant, delicate and intriguing bride with ACreativeAtelier

bridal dress
Wedding Dress

Wedding makeup tips for your dazzling bridal makeup

  Deciding upon a bridal makeup may be quite tricky. It's important to opt for the image not only close to your style but also suitable to the immaculate pure image of a bride. Additionally, don't forget that your appearance will be immortalized on photos: make sure you won't think "What the hell I wore that lipstick on my wedding" in ten years. Anyway, no need to get into a panic! We are here to give you some helpful tips. Exciting photo of Universo da Maquiagem

wedding makeup
bridal makeup

Elements of wedding decor

Every woman dreams of making her wedding day as special and fairy tale like as possible. And is there any way out without fantastic centerpieces or hall adornments? Certainly not! Let's review a couple of most amazing and at the same time practical ideas of how to turn your wedding into magic with amazing Wedluxe! Use these wedding party decorations and enjoy your day! 
Floral Centerpieces

Wedding Flowers-Wedding Bouquets For All Wedding Seasons

With so many shades, textures and styles available today, wedding flowers intend to bring natural beauty to a bride's appeal. Long are those times gone, when the bouquet of a bride had to have a strict structure. Today, in the era of freedom and originality, any idea can be fabulous if implemented correctly! Let us review some of the most striking ideas of wedding bouquets from Floralverde.

Wedding Bouquet

Wedding Accessories - main parts

The bridal gown is just the beginning! When putting together a gorgeous wedding appearance, it's all about the details. Only the correctly picked up wedding jewelry can make your appearance final. A studded clutch or a vintage handbag meanwhile will help carry all the little things with you throughout the entire celebration! Let's explore the most fabulous wedding accessories you will need for the special day of you life.

The Jewelry Choice

wedding jewelry set
Pearl jewelry set