Wedding makeup tips for your dazzling bridal makeup

  Deciding upon a bridal makeup may be quite tricky. It's important to opt for the image not only close to your style but also suitable to the immaculate pure image of a bride. Additionally, don't forget that your appearance will be immortalized on photos: make sure you won't think "What the hell I wore that lipstick on my wedding" in ten years. Anyway, no need to get into a panic! We are here to give you some helpful tips. Exciting photo of Universo da Maquiagem

wedding makeup
bridal makeup

Wedding Makeup Tips 

1.     Consider the climate

          If you are living in a country with a warm climate, it's advisable to choose           oil-free products such as a moisturizer, primer, foundation, etc. 

2.     Make it brighter

As a rule, the camera tones down brides' makeup, hence you'd better put on more than you had initially planned.

3.     Use an eye shadow primer

When a bride wears all white, the last thing she wants is a smudge-free makeup! Hence, don't forget to use an eye-shadow primer.

4.     Get fake eyelashes

A good wedding makeup ought to be light, dreamy yet impressive. Therefore, using artificial eyelashes is a must. To obtain a sexy glamorous appeal, choose a full strip of eyelashes. For a subtle look get a couple of individual lashes. 

5.      Choose waterproof cosmetics

No matter how self-contained you are, you are definitely going to cry on your wedding day! Not to smudge your face with tears, it's better to get prepared beforehand - use only waterproof cosmetic products! 

Examples To Get Inspired

Once you have all the appropriate cosmetic products ready for your transformation into a gorgeous bride, it's time to select the right image. To become a real radiant glow of the event, you will need to apply neutral shimmering eyeshadow and a bright red lipstick. This is a classic variant!

As surprising it may appear, women, today mostly select either very light and delicate makeup variants or very glamorous bright ones inspired from the East culture. Champagne eyeshadow, subtle flick of liner applied at the outer eye corners, light smoky eyes, wine-stained lips will all help you appear sophisticated and attractive. Dark eyeliners, shimmering eyeshadow, highlighted cheekbones, dark black mascara applied upon long fake eyelashes and sheer or satin lipsticks are all for sexually appealing extravagant brides!
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