Spectacular Wedding Guest Book and Wedding Invitation ideas for any wedding theme

The wedding invitation choice says much about you as a marrying couple and what celebration your guests should expect. If your day is going to be held in a formal style with classic color formalization (black and white, for instance), the wedding invites should, by all means, indicate about it. On the other hand, in case you're going to have a beach theme celebration, make sure there is a certain hinting thematic decoration on the templates. Only this way your guests will have an idea what to wear to become a part of the event! So, let's us reveal the magic world of invites and guest books. 

Most Awesome Invite Types

Wedding invitation from 4 Love Polka Dots

1. Foil Glamour

Wedding invitation from 4 Love Polka Dots

Are you all about style? Then you will definitely love the beauty of foil wedding invites that catch the eye. These are somewhat seductive in their nature and can leave all other variations out of competition. The traditional variants are embossed in gold, pearl or silver. More modern types, meanwhile appear in multicilor designs and stamped accents. Such type is mostly appropriate when the event has a glamorous shade.

2. Lace Beauty
Wedding invitation from 4 Love Polka Dots

Lace templates feature a unique sheer elegance inherent to only them. These are wonderful variants on romantic celebrations, yet can suit other themes as they come decorated with different lace patterns- floral, abstract, intricate, etc. Choose them also for vintage, classic, rustic, damask or floral weds. 

3. Rustic Shade

Wedding invitation from 4 Love Polka Dots

Are you going to have a wedding party in an old barn? Or perhaps the event is to take place in the country? Here rustic templates will come to help! With woodgrain backgrounds, country chic touches and vintage details such as tree carvings or canning jars full of sunflowers and wildflowers, your rustic celebration will become perfectly implied! 

4. Beach Romance
Wedding invitation from 4 Love Polka Dots

For setting a tone for the big beach event, you will need coordinating invites. Make sure they are adorned with thematic decors such as tropical palm tree pictures and beach scenery, as well as dried sea stars, lovely seashells, etc.

Creative Guest Book Ideas

A wedding guest book is a must for every traditional wedding. However, today most brides consider this both a waste of money and an outdated tradition. It may bring some inconvenience for guests, yet after several years, it appears so funny to read all those thoughtful notes left in the book. So, to help modern brides, here are some of the most amazing, creative and practical ways to give a new breath to the old tradition:

  1.  vintage atlases
  2.  wine bottles
  3.  painted globes
  4.  game boards
  5.  autographed vinyl
  6.  holiday decors 
  7.  huge poster of the couple
  8.  guitar
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